Founding Declaration

Establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

Saturday, 25th March 2017


In the country of Muses, where democracy and rhetoric were founded and where the artistic achievements of lasting values and high aesthetics were created; it is our mission to readdress the meaning of culture.

In Athens, on the 25th of March 2017, the undersigned, decided to create the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy based in Athens.

The suggested scientific civil association is non governmental and its primary aim is the study, research, dissemination and promotion by any means, all aspects of Cultural Diplomacy.

In particular, the purpose of the institute is served as follows:

The institute aims to implement those purposes through the organisation of seminars, art exhibitions, lectures, art events, book publications and volumes, music and theatrical performances productions and lastly the establishment of awards and scholarships that are strictly related with the aims of the Institute. Furthermore, the Institute looks at cooperating with universities, academic and intellectual institutes or research centres as well as organising cultural exchange programmes and cooperating with related institute state authorities, such as the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Foreign Affairs and also the Academy of Diplomacy.

Peter Kapsaskis, Constantinos Yfantis, Ioannis Parisis, Haralabos Papasotiriou, Constantinos Lavdas, Jimmy Jamar, Paolo Petrocelli, Alexandros Mallias, Georgios Linardos, Constantinos Yerocostopoulos, Teta Diamantopoulou, Thomas Kindinis, Yovanna Kalpaksi, Vyron Fideltzis, Nicolaos Perdikis, Constanina Blatsou,  Dimitris Vaxevanakis, Napoleon Maravegias, Michalis Diakantonis, Spyros Mihalopoulos, Dimitris Nicas.

The President

Peter D. Kapsaskis