Kleanthis Gatziolis

Mr Kleanthis G.Gatziolis is a PHD candidate at the Department of Science and Telecommunications at the University of Peloponnese having posted five papers in international conferences, journals and books.He has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies and a Masters Degree in Multimedia at the University of Glamorgan.

His studies include papers entitled “Discovering the Impact  of Using Profiling in E-services”, “Integrating Retail in e-Commerse Using Web Analysis and Intelligent Sensors”, “Evolving Analytics for e-Commerse Applications ,Utilizing Big Data and Social Media Extensions”, “Innovations in e-Systemsfor e-Commerse” and “User Profiling Extraction Engine”. He is proficient in English Language with a C2 level.

Mr Kleanthis Gatziolis has attended educational programs and workshops such as “A.P.E.T Education Department of ASPETE”, “new applications on TPE, EOPPEP. He has also attended programs such as “Adult Teacher Training” and “Second Chance  Schools Teacher Training” under the EOPPEP framework.He has participated in the General Secretariat of Lifelong Learning programs entitled “Teacher Training” , “Adult Teacher Training” and “Teacher training in Technological Developments per Specialities”.He has also attended courses on “Teacher training for Life- long Learning Centers “ under the support of Open Greek University(EAP).

Mr Kleanthis Gatziolis has enrolled in six Certification and Training  Records. He’s a registered member in the EOPPEP Teaching Staff Record no.EB 21164, in the Supporting/Advising Consultants List of “Digital Solidarity Services in 8 Districts of Pure Convergence” that is held by the Technical Chamber of Greece and the National Network Research and Technology (KAYAΣ -98).He has incorporated into the Scientific Cooperation Record in INE /GSEE(ME.SI.NE).In addition ,he is a registered member of the Lecturers Record of OAED-LAEK no.44815 and of the teaching staff record of National Center of Public Administration and Self-government (ΕΚΔΔΑ) after being assessed by a scientific committee .He is also a member of  the Greek Scientific IT Company no 4621.

At present, Mr Kleanthis Gatziolis works as a civil servant in the Municipality of North Kynouria, Arcadia. In the past and more specifically during the years 2004-2010 and partly in 2017 he worked at the University of Peloponnese as Information Technology staff at the school of Economics Department ,while he was working as a Full-time  IT Lecturer in Undergraduate Universities and other educational institutions.