Kleanthis Kyriakidis

Mr Kleanthis Kyriakidis is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

The Deputy Commander (with irrevocable filing of a request for a mission) Kleanthis Kyriakides has served as Director of Strategic and Policy and Strategic Division at the Naval General Staff (2015-2016), in the Military Office of the Deputy Minister (2012) before the Deputy Minister. , Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff of GEFTHA (2011) and Head of the Multinational Naval Operations at GEFTHA (2010-2011). He has served on various warships and served as Commander of the Caspian Regiment (2005-2006) as well as Communications Officer in the Permanent Mediterranean Allied Force (2000-2001). He specializes in weapon systems / KEPAL (1995) and Communications / CIN ST Mandrier Toulon (1996). He has graduated from the Naval War School (2001), the Higher Interdisciplinary War School (2008) and the National Defense School (2015), and has been a trainer in the first two (as well as the Air Force War School).

Academically, he is a Ph.D. of the Aegean University (dissertation on Political Islam) and holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he was awarded the Lucius Littauer Award. In addition, he holds two DOSTAP Masters (MA and MS) accredited by the NPS, one with a distinction in Middle Eastern Studies (1st out of 108 students in his last five years of study) and a DOATAP grade “Top 10” and one in Natural Oceanography. He has written the bilingual official essay of POW “Power and Glory” (2002), the historical book “Air Power and the Gulf War” (Communications, 2003) and contributed with the writing of six books such as that of Ilias Kouskouvelis (ed.) ” The Arab Spring ”(Laboratory of International Relations and European Integration, University of Macedonia Publications, 2012).

He has authored five historical monographs (4 for World War II Leaders and 1 for the Most Decisive Battles in History and the Great Opponents Who Fought in Them – Defense Line editions, 2006-2009). In addition, he has published more than 250 articles on historical and geopolitical / international issues in dozens of Greek and foreign journals, including the Harvard Kennedy School Review (Senior Editor), Open Democracy, JESSTL, Marine Technology Society Journal , Foreign Affairs Hellenic Edition, “International and European Politics”, Strategy, Defense and Security, Defense and Technology, War and History, Historical Pages and Battles and Soldiers. He has participated in presentations at more than 50 Greek and international conferences and has been invited as a speaker, among others, at NATO Defense College in Rome, at the University of Gerogia in Tbilisi and at Universities in Dubai (American University in the Emirates and Middlesex University).

He is a Scientific Director of the Arab World Institute, a member of the Hellenic Society for International Law and International Relations, the International Political Science Association, the European Consortium for Political Research, the International Public Policy Association, the American Academy of Political Science, and the Scientific Council. the think tank “Strategy International” (and publisher of his journal), the scientific board of the Aegean University’s Geoeconomic and Geopolitical Information Systems Laboratory and is a founding member of the Strategic Academy Since 2013 he has been General Secretary of the Hellenic Committee on Military History.

He has been a POC among the Greek Ministries of Defense and Finance and Institutions (IMF, European Commission, ECB) for the restructuring of the Greek Defense Systems. He has been teaching in Armed Forces the subjects of Leadership, Naval History, Islamic Fundamentalism, Globalization, Strategy, Crisis Management, Deterrence Theory, Terrorism and Geopolitics. He speaks English (CPE Cambridge), French (Sorbonne 1) and a few Spanish.

He is married to Eugenia Koika, a Greek-Australian high school teacher and has no children, while his only brother is a Navy Captain.