Giovanna is a member of the Board of Directors. of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

Ioanna Fassou-Kalpaxi, known for her artistic name Giovanna, is a Greek singer. He deals with singing, prose and poetry. Her works have been transferred to television and cinema. She was the first female singer to appear on Greek television in 1966 and was the first Greek to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, representing Switzerland. She studied opera at the Athens Conservatoire, where she received her diploma with an award and a prize. At the same time, a high school student, and after exams, began with the Greek Broadcast Orchestra broadcasting a light song, which eventually won her. He has participated in many festivals of his kind in Greece and abroad – each time he is awarded – as at the Polish International Festival, where he won the first prize. Immediately afterwards, and for three consecutive years, he was invited to a concert with thirty-five organs in the then Soviet Union, where he became an idol. These concerts, from Petrograd to the Caucasus, amounted to one hundred and fifty. For two years she has also collaborated with the Geneva Radio Station, which she represented at the musique aux Champs Elysees concerts throughout Europe. After examining this time, he also represented Switzerland in Eurovision, with the most votes in French-speaking countries. Discs recorded in Greece, Germany – where he also acquired a fan club – in France, Italy and the Soviet Union, where their sales amounted to millions. Student of Yiannis Ritsos, with his own approval, has published three poetry collections – “To Preach”, “I Will Speak to You” and “Painful” – which received a very warm welcome. Then he switched to the floor. She wrote nine novels – all best seller The first one, “Antegia”, won the first prize in a competition of the Bell publications, was transferred to the cinema by Giorgos Tserperopoulos and in the theater by Thanasis Papageorgiou, with Leda Protopsalti in the leading role. Her third novel, “Dwarf Sun”, became a television series with Pamey Zouni, Yiannis Ferti and Betty Livanos starring roles. He also tried in the theater with two theaters, one of which, “The Anteroom”, won the third State Prize, approved by the theatrologists of the National Theater – short stories and two monologues with a theatrical structure. The first monologue, “Birthday”, was played in the theater by the actor Ada Christidis. Her last book, “Katasarkas” (poetry), decorated with paintings by the academic painter Dimitris Mitaras.