Elias Mamalakis

Elias Mamalakis is the Ambassador of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in the field of Gastronomy Diplomacy.

Mr. Mamalakis was born in Athens. He studied Economics, worked for many years as a senior executive in multinational corporations. After several years of experience, at the age of forty, he dealt with gastronomy. In 1992 he wrote his first book entitled Cookbook. This book opened his way and he entered the journalism of cooking. The result was five journalistic collaborations with Menou and other magazines, ELLE, TELEPHATE, SUNDAY ELEFTHEROTYPIA, SKAI 100.3 RADIO with the show: “Elias and his magic stick”. Finally, in 1993 he began to work professionally and with cooking. In 1999, he was no longer able to resume business and to deal exclusively with the kitchen. It was a difficult decision to discuss with his wife. When he said, “even”, he got courageous and went ahead. The decision of both of them was totally conscious. From 1998 to 1999 he participated in the ERT cooking series “Golden recipes”. In 2000 she participated as an actor in ERT’s “Grandparents in Action” series and made the cook of the elderly.
He made the show “In the kitchen all the way to the mega channel for three years and then followed the show:” Tomato and pepper “for another three years. He has written so far eleven (11) books (including a novel) with a main body of cooking and welfare and a CD of recipes and fairy tales. For three years, he was the central presenter of the award-winning show “All Cuisine” at MEGA CHANNEL, as well as editor-in-chief and presenter of the show BOUKIA & CONCERION presented on the same channel. For two years now, he has presented a series of documentaries on the history of Greece. The first circle was the pre-revolutionary period and the life of Katsantonis and this year the life of Theodoros Kolokotronis is presented. She participated in the theatrical performance “The Pentagon” at Train in Rouf directed by Tatiana Ligari. He is a founding member of Protagon.gr’s website, Stavros Theodorakis, where he is journalist. He conducts seminars on Greek cheese, ancient Greek cuisine, Mediterranean diet and more.