Vasilis Karapostolis

Vasilis Karapostolis is a member of the Academic Council of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

Mr. Karapostolis was born in Athens and studied at the Universities of Athens and Stirling Scotland. She is a professor at the Department of Communication and Mass Media at the University of Athens, where she teaches Communication and Culture Philosophy. He has published studies, essays and articles on ethics and morals in the modern world, private and public life, cohabitation experience, and more. His works are: – “Consumer behavior in Greek society”, National Center for Social Research (1983, 2nd ed., 1984). – “Forms of Social Action”, Theme (1984). – “Unbreakable Society – A Dialogue of Sociology with Literature”, Polytyp (1984). – “Living and Living in Greece”, Knowledge (1987), Alexandria (1999). – “At the Roots of Social Experience – Texts of Social Philosophy”, Knowledge, (1987). – “Mild Speech”, Pletron, (1989). – “At present – texts on modern manners”, Pletron (1990). – “Handmade city – Athens between yes and no”, Alexandria (1995, 2nd ed., 1996). – “First Touch” (novel), New Frontier, (1998). – “Self without a compass – traveling -“, Alexandria (1999). – “The temptation of Herosterot – about morals and feelings”, Alexandria, (1999). – “Against The Art of Fairy Tale”, Alexandria (2002). – “Souls by the Mouth”, Metaichmo (2003).