Panagiotis Tsakonas

2017 © Ελληνικό Ινστιτούτο Πολιτιστικής Διπλωματίας - Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy - BrandaLabPanagiotis I. Tsakonas is a member of the Academic Council of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

Mr. Tsakonas is a professor of international relations, security studies and foreign policy analysis. He studied political science, international relations and “security studies” at the Panteion University and the University of Reading (Great Britain). He was a Researcher at the Institute of International Relations, Research Fellow at NATO, a post-doctoral Researcher at Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University (1998-99) and Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Macmillan Center for Area Studies of Yale University (2003).

He worked as Head of the Department of International Policy Analysis in the New Europe newspaper (1994-96), as a Scientific Adviser in the Department of Strategic Studies of the Ministry of National Defense (1996-98) and as a Specialist of Science at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1999-2003). He was the Director of the Postgraduate Program “Political, Economic and International Relations in the Mediterranean” and President of the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, member of the Euro-Mediterranean University Senate in Slovenia, member of the Scientific Council of the Hellenic Center of the European (EKEM), member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) and Scientific Associate of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP). He is co-director of the Gutenberg Publishing House of International and European Studies and co-editor of the Hellenic Studies / Etudes Helléniques academic review.

He has written and edited books, studies and articles on regional security issues, international relations theory, foreign policy analysis, Greek-Turkish relations and Greek foreign and defense policy. His articles, book reviews and contributions to collective works have been published in Greece, in many European countries, in the US, Canada in New Zealand and in scientific journals such as: Etudes Helléniques, Turkish Studies, Journal of Modern Hellenism, Journal of Southeast Europe and Black Sea Studies, Millennium, Politics, Security Dialogue, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy and others.

His books / monographs include: National Security Strategy: Building the Greek Model in the Twenty-first Century (Athens: Papazisis, 2005, by Th. Doo), Multilateralism and Security Institutions in an Era of Globalization (Routledge, European Security Institutions and the Interstate Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean. Parochial, Necessary or Insufficient? (Hellenic Center for European Studies Paper No. 10, September 2007, Athens). His book: The Incomplete Breakthrough in Greek-Turkish Relations. Grasping the Greek’s Socialization Strategy (Palgrave-Macmillan, Basingstoke and New York, 2010) was proposed by the Modern Greek Studies Association (MGSA) for the Edmund Keeley Book Prize.