Ioannis Ant. Panagiotopoulos

Ioannis Ant. Panagiotopoulos is a member of the Academic Council.

Born in Athens on May 9, 1970, he lives in Ilion and comes from Arkadia of Turkolala. Graduate of the Department of Theology of the University Athens (1993), he specialized in General Ecclesiastical History. Received graduate degrees from the University of Durham (1997) and the University Athens (1998), and Ph.D. from the University of Athens (2002).
He served his military service as a reserve officer (1997-1998). He worked as a Teacher in Private Secondary Education (1999-2004) and at Public Secondary Education (2007-2010). In 2008 he was elected Lecturer University of Athens, a post in which he was appointed in 2010. Today he is at the rank of Assistant Professor (June 2016).

He has a rich writing work, and he regularly writes. With intense politics and social activity, he was President of the postgraduate students of the Department of Theology of the University of Athens (1994-1996, 2000-2002) and graduate of the University of Athens (1996), served as a Specialist Adviser to the General Secretariat for Information (2004-2007), Partner at
Inter-Orthodox Center of the Church of Greece (2009-2010) and General Secretary of the Media (2012-2014), while she was a candidate MP ND in the January 2015 elections. since 1989 has received partisan positions and participates in various party committees. From 2010 and parallel to the subject of General Ecclesiastics History, deals with the subject of Religious Tourism. He’s got deliver a multitude of lectures and lectures on the subject. Cultivates the object with particular zeal, that they are working under the supervision of the research team with this new knowledge field, a doctoral candidate and two graduate students!