Georgios Linardou

Georgios Linardou is a member of the Academic Council of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

Mr Linardus is a honorable ambassador. He studied at the Law School and the School of Political and Economic Sciences of the University of Athens. She speaks English, French, Italian, Portuguese. During his term in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs he served as Advocate at Adrianople and Consul in Paris. Then he was transferred to Brazil as Consul in St. Paul. In 1975 he became Consul General in Neapolis and a year later he served at the Permanent Representation of Greece to NATO (Brussels) as a defense and military adviser and then as Deputy Permanent Representative with specialization in nuclear matters. He participated in the negotiations for the reintegration of Greece into the military structure of NATO, the first Greek spokesman after the reintegration into the Alliance’s Defense Planning Committee (DPC). He was elected as Ambassador of Greece to Bucharest where he served since 1987-1991. He then served as Ambassador of Greece to the Czech Republic until 2000. He was honored with the Order of the Order of the Phoenix Order.