Elina N. Mustaira

Elina N. Mustaira is a member of the Academic Council of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

Mrs. Mustaira is Professor of the Law School of the University of Athens. He is a member of international scientific associations, such as the International Law Association (Vice President of the Hellenic Branch), the Wissenschaftiche Vereinigung für Internationales Verfahrensrecht, the Greek Department of the International Commission of Comparative Law, Società Italiana per at Ricerca nel Diritto Comparato, the World Society of Mixed Jurisdictions Jurists, the International Journal of Cultural Property, the Deutsche Vereinigung der Zivilprozessrechtslehrer, Juris Diversitas, and several Greek Associations.
He has written 9 books (1) Equity of creditors in bankruptcy international law, Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens-Komotini 1992 (doctoral dissertation), 2) Forum Non Conveniens. The Legitimacy Grace, Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens-Komotini 1995, 3) The evolution of Private International Law in the United States of America. Tradition – Revolution – Counterrevolution, Athens 1996, 4) Stations in the course of comparative law. Positions and Contrasts, Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens – Komotini 2003, 5) Comparative law. University traditions, Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens – Komotini 2004. Comparative Law, Law Library, Athens 2012, 6) Relationship between Law and Art, Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens – Komotini 2006, 7) Comparative law and cultural goods, Law Library, Athens 2012, 8) Legal influences in comparative law, Sakkoula Publications SA, Athens – Thessaloniki 2013, 9) Art Collections, Private and Public. A Comparative Legal Study, Springer, 2015)
and more than 100 articles, chapters in collective volumes, comments on court decisions, book reviews.
He has participated in many conferences, abroad and in Greece. He has also participated in research and writing, in several programs of foreign institutes and as a representative of Greece in expert conferences, working committees and diplomatic conferences of European and International Organizations.
He speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.