Dora Katsonopoulou

Dora Katsonopoulou is a member of the Academic Council of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

Mrs. Katsonopoulou was born and raised in Aegion, Achaia. She was first introduced in the Department of Archeology and History of the University of Athens and she received her degree as the principal of the Department. He continued his postgraduate studies and received a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Byzantine-Neohellenic Studies of the University of Athens. He then completed PhD studies in Archeology at the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Cornell, USA, and was awarded the Doctor of Classical Archeology in 1990. During his studies in Greece and abroad, he was a scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation and the Cornell University. She has taught at the Modern Greek Language Center at Cornell University, she is Associate Professor at the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture of Windsor University and is a lecturer at the Postgraduate Program in Geochemistry at the University of Patras.

In the archaeological field, he has taken part in research projects in the Peloponnese, Central Greece and the Aegean region. She participated as Assistant Director in the Cornell University Alum-Estudian Locriot Research Program and today she is the Director of the Ancient Elicit Research Program at Aigialia, Achaia, conducting excavations and geoarchaeological investigations. At the same time, he conducts research and studies on the archeology of Paros and the Cyclades. She has published more than 70 papers in valid international scientific journals and Proceedings of International Conferences and has lectured at universities and scientific organizations in Greece and abroad, with her work being recognized and receiving a large number of international references in the international bibliography. He has organized 9 international scientific archaeological conferences and has edited 8 archaeological scientific collections. It also frequently writes about archeology and culture in the daily and periodical press of Achaia and Paros.

She is a member of Greek and foreign scientific institutes and organizations, and has collaborated with educational institutions abroad at the level of studies and research. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society of Friends of Ancient Eliki in Achaia and the Institute of Archeology of Paros and Cyclades in Paros. Her archaeological research and significant findings in Ancient Eliki have been featured in extensive articles of international newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, Herald Tribune, Independent, Athens News, and Archaeology. More specifically, the history of her interdisciplinary research and her first discoveries about the ancient Achaean capital were the subject of the hourly documentary of the British Channel BBC and a series of scientific productions of the American Channel History Channel, Discovery Channel and the German state channel ZDF. An extensive reference to her work is also contained in the recent book (2015) of the American best-selling author on archaeological issues, Mark Adams.

In 2012, Dora Katsonopoulou was honored at the New Acropolis Museum by the Society of Greek Benefactors for her great contribution to Greek culture