Anda Iliopoulou

A. Iliopoulou is the Ambassador of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Fashion. Mrs. Iliopoulou studied Media. and a fashion design, but her career in the most famous Greek magazines began with awards from Elle magazine and Kastaniotis books and the well-known CLIK magazine. At a very early age, she became the director of three magazines and a consultant for publishing well-known publications, culminating in her 11-year mandate at the publishing department of the famous exodos magazine. In 2006 she stayed permanently in Paris, where she collaborated with the women’s editions of VIMA, Vima Donna and Marie Claire. At the same time, he has never stopped working with specialized Greek tourism publishers, such as the Libers with Condé Nast Traveler and Rhodos Confidential, IMAKO with Rhodes magazine and Identity media with Mykonos Confidential and the award-winning 2Board as well as many but periodically, including some collaborations with well-known foreign prints. In the summer of 2015, Ada Iliopoulou mobilized the world’s largest fashion houses to become Ambassadors for Greece. Thus, Chopard, Miyake, Jitrois, Escada, Chantal Thomass, Schiaparelli, couturier Stephane Rolland and many others have teamed up with her to give her clothes and material for her purposes. In September 2016 Deputy Mayor of Piraeus Culture and President of the Piraeus Shipping Club, Eirini Daifa, awarded Ada Alex. Iliopoulou for her 22 years in journalism and her work abroad for the promotion of Greek culture through Fashion. Today she is working with special publications mainly on fashion issues and making exclusive interviews with people who promote the new values ​​that people think the world should be in the years to come. Her latest collaboration with quality collectible coffee table Influencers, made up of a highly experienced team of executives from Vima and Kathimerini. She has also been a Fashion Advisor in the Volta quarterly magazine for the last two years. Since September 2016 he is chief development officer & PR manager at the well-known Paris-based company, Méphistophélès Productions, who chooses designers from around the globe and organizes their shows for Paris Fashion Week. Her most recent project in favor of Greece was the show of the Greek House Laskaris in Paris. Designed the Concept where, for the first time in Paris Fashion Week, only Greek music was played. Through a dark tunnel the Light came from the Greek creation, showing to the whole planet that as long as the Greeks continue to try only Light there will be. Why Hellas means Light.Anda Iliopoulou is Secretary General of the Friends of the Municipal Theater of Pireaus who is involved in cultural and philanthropic activities. Among other things, he is a supporter of the work of Lifeline Hellas and ABY Catherine of Serbia. He speaks English, French and learns Russian. All the projects he organizes in Greece and abroad aim to remind Greece in all possible ways.