Tatiana Flessa

Tatiana Flessas holds a BA in Philosophy from Wellesley College, a JD from Northeastern University School of Law, and an LLM and PhD from the London School of Economics. Before joining the LSE, she practiced law in the US and taught at the University of Reading School of Law. Her research interests are in cultural property and heritage law, law and social theory, and law and literature. Dr Flessas has served as a consultant to the British Museum (with Professor Lionel Bently, Cambridge University); and is a consultant on legal issues for Artwatch International and Artwatch UK. Her research is in the area of cultural property and legal theory, focussing on the emergence of cultural property regulation and heritage legislation as discourses of modernity. she looks at the problems of defining cultural property, the controversy surrounding the ownership of the Parthenon Marbles, and how museums and the repatriation of ancient skeletons fit within the debates regarding the cultural commons. Her work draws on modern philosophy from Nietzsche onwards, as well as literary theory. She is author of the book «Understanding Property Law».