The seminar on “The Cultural Geopolitics” was held on Friday the 11th of June . The event was co-organized by the  Hellenic Institute of Strategic Studies (HELISS) and the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (HICD).


Initially, Mr. Harry Karabarbounis (ambassador)  started the discussion and talked about the national, hegemonic and international culture. Afterwards, Mr. Konstantinos Balomenos (Political Scientist, Internationalist, PhD of the University of Piraeus) analyzed the issue of the civilization as a mean of strategic communication for the reinforcement of the geopolitical places of the states. Third speaker was Dr. Konstantinos Filis (Manager of Research in the Institute of International Relations) who broached the geopolitical consequences of the Turkish drift towards the political Islam and its conflict with the West. Finally, Mr. Harry Papasotiriou (Professor of International  Relations and Strategy Studies at Panteion University ,Manager of IoIR talked about the Cultural Diplomacy and the relations between the West and China.

Meanwhile, the approach on some more current matters/ questions was attempted, such as : 1) what kind of identity does the multi-civilization offer to society and its connection to the social cohesion, 2) how realistic is the search for political solutions in a geographical region, while the cultural heritage of the inhabitants is ignored, 3) which international conflicts have a cultural motivation, 4) the important mild European power based basically on the strong power of the financial robustness  5)if a force could have an international impact without having strong-power or even smart-power.