Soft Power Awards

The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (H.I.C.D) decided to establish the “Soft Power Awards” that will take place in Greece or abroad once a year.

The Institution of the Awards

The aim of establishing these awards:

  1. To recognize and reward the contribution in a cultural, humanitarian, scientific and social level.

  2. To highlight the importance of soft power, as a peaceful and reconciliatory approach to interstate relations and relations between people.

  3. To motivate and encourage individuals, companies and organisations to integrate soft power practices into their daily agenda.

The personalities that were awarded in 2019 for their contributions in culture and sciences were:
  • Mayor of Cambridge George Pippas
  • Professor Manolis Papagrigorakis
  • Professor Xenophon Mousas
  • Father Antonios of Ark of the World


The prize of the Awards

  1. The award is accompanied by a gold-labelled statuette – symbol of the Greek goddess Nike, who in the ancient Greek religion personified victory. The statuette is 30cm high and 15cm wide, and it is placed on a marble base and crafted by the famous Greek sculptor Achilleas Vasileiou.

Awards Criteria

The awards are being given strictly on the basis of the candidate’s or organization’s work, its social contribution as well as innovation rather than on the basis of other criteria or interests.

In order to preserve the prestige of the awards and the transparency of the process, the H.I.C.D recommended a Jury of three (3) judges, who are very successful and widely recognized professionals, who -by following the suggestion of the H.I.C.D- examine the candidates and their requests, and decide on the final result in a binding decision.

The Jury

The Jury makes the decisions in an independent way and doesn’t work under the supervision of the H.I.C.D or any other state, business, or party organisation.

The role of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy as well as of the participating bodies throughout the institution of the “Soft Power Awards” is limited to suggesting the candidates to the Committee of Judges.

Τhe criteria by which the Judges evaluate the candidate’s work are the following:

  • The social orientation

  • The intercultural dialogue and the cooperation between states

  • The peaceful conflict resolution

  • The innovation of science

  • Τhe mediation for the reconciliation of people

  • Volunteering, benevolence and charity

  • The contribution to the universal Culture

  • The integration of technology in educational practice

  • The digital innovation and startup entrepreneurship

  • The environment and development

  • The preservation and promotion of the cultural and natural heritage

  • Preventing and combating violence against women and child protection

Submission of Nominations

In order for an application to be considered by the Committee of Critics, a nomination proposal by the President of the H.I.C.D must be preceded, which must be accepted by the Institute’s Board of Directors. In this proposal, the reasons why this nomination is suitable for the “Soft Power Award” should be stated.

The candidates must submit their CV and all the material relevant to their work, via e-mail (, in order to be examined by the Committee of Critics. The contest is open to all candidates, companies or organizations of the UN Member States.


The closing date for applications is October, 1 of every year, after which no application will be considered. On November 1 of every year, the Committee of Critics will announce the name (or the names) of the candidates that will be awarded.