Stella Kalisperatou is the Head and Founder of the branch of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Sicil

Mrs Kalisperatou is a voice-over artist (official voice of Sephora – Greece, – Greece, Audi – Cyprus) and a copywriter. She has her own recording studio and collaborates with several international voice-over platforms. While working as a voice-over artist, she graduated from the Drama school “Empros” in Athens and she succeeded in passing the prestigious national exams of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. She has been a TV presenter, too. She had her own TV show, “Mad Night Out”, for seven years at Mad TV (major music channel in Athens), while she has also served as a radio producer at Nitro Radio (radio station in Athens). As a freelance copywriter and editor, she has often collaborated with many magazines and portals; Free, Nitro, Pop & Rock, Muse and, among others. She resides in Catania, Sicily, where she serves as an assistant professor in Cattedra of Modern and Contemporary Greek Civilization and Language (next to Professor Caterina Papatheou), department of humanistic studies (main duties include: modern Greek language lessons, conferences organization, translations, seminars and workshops on copywriting). She is also a member of the exams commission of the Cattedra of Modern and Contemporary Greek Certification, “Ellinomatheia”.

As a lifelong learner, as well as a passionate collector of experiences and world culture, she has lived and travelled from America to India, in order to explore and combine culture and social behavior bits from different continents. After becoming a certified yoga instructor in Mumbai, India, as well as attending self-improvement seminars in Thailand, she put together self-awareness practices, philosophy and her studies in theater, and created the “Human Acting” seminars, which took place in Catania. As of 2019, she lent her voice at the AMT (Metropolitan Transportation) of Catania, thus contributing for a better city transportation service, both in Italian and English. She is currently working on her new research project; The Social Cartography of the City and The Citizens of Catania.