On the occasion of the completion of one year since the foundation of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (HICD), the first year of life of the Institute will be celebrated on the 17th of July at 21:00 at the City Hall of Kifissia under the auspices of the Municipality of Kifissia.

The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, (H.I.C.D.) is a scientific non-governmental organisation, which was founded in Athens on the 25th of March 2017 and is the first and only body of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece.
The Institute develops activities in cooperation with private and public governmental bodies, academic and scientific institutes in both Greece and abroad.
At the moment, the institute has branches in different cities in Greece and abroad that are responsible for the development and the delivery of a range of cultural activities, following the needs and the directions of the Institute as they arise from the central administration in Athens.

The schedule for the evening will include lectures by well-known academics, theatrical monologues and poetic recitations of award-winning actors and poets, as well as musical performances by well-known Greek composers who will alternate with each other in a unique cultural program. The guests will have the opportunity to meet important personalities of the field of letters and arts in Greece, as well as to talk with members of the Institute and participate in an active way in the ceremony.

Specifically, the schedule includes:


Stavros Dritsas, piano soloist

Giorgos Volikas, music composer

Konstantinos Boulougaris, classical guitar soloist

Eleni Tzatzimaki, singer

Konstantinos Destounis, piano soloist

Sophia Papadimitropoulou, soprano



Klelia Harissi, journalist, poet

Nikolaos Perdikis, lawyer, poet




Petros Kapsaskis – President and Founder of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy


Main Speakers

Stavros Zapantis: Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Kifissia

Efi Basdra – Professor at the University of Athens

Kostas Balomenos – Internationalist, Doctor at the University of Piraeus

Mihalis Diakantonis – General Director of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy

Nina Kaloutsa – Speech Specialist

Haris Karabarmbounis – Honorary Ambassador

Elina Mustaira – Professor at the University of Athens



Anna Sevasti Jima, actor, director



Maria Lysandrou, journalist