Elias Papadopoulos is the head and founder of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Cyprus.

Elias Papadopoulos works as a pharmacist in a private pharmacy. Also, he works as a laboratory assistast in the Department of Pharmacy at Frederick University. He was born and raised in Drama. He graduated from the School of Classical Studies and Philosophy of the University of Cyprus. He continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Wales (University of Wales T.S.D.) in Classics. He worked in private tutoring for children of high school, senior high school, EPAL and night schools. He actively participated in the establishment and launch of the radio station of the University of Cyprus (UCY Voice).

He often writes articles on issues of national interest on the websites of HEL.I.S.S. and Infognomon. He is a member of the Hellenic Institute of Strategic Studies (HEL.I.S.S.). At the same time, he writes articles for an American music website. He is also a member of the Cypriot Red Cross.

He strongly participates in the cultural activities of the Greeks of Pontus in Cyprus. Through the action of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy of Cyprus, it aspires to strengthen the ties between the citizens of Cyprus and Greece through a sense of trust and immediacy based on the cultivation of a spirit of cooperation and understanding of the needs of people from countries, as well as the reading and understanding of the common past and the consolidation of common cultural goals through the action of cultural activity.