The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (HICD) is a Greek scientific civil non profitable association which was established in Athens in May 25th 2017 and constitutes the first and only entity of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece. The action of the Institution is evolving with the cooperation of private and public governmental sectors, academic foundations and scientific institutions in Greece and abroad. Relied on the already existing and significant cultural relations between Greece and Italy, the establishment of the HICD’s branch in Ancona aims to the dialogue and the creation of bridges between the two civilizations. Institute’s first care is to underscore the values of culture, the promotion of cooperation and the building of mutual trust having as a high purpose the creation of relations of emotional closeness, which shall exist beyond the switching of governments.

The presentation of HICD in Ancona of Italy is going to take place on Sunday May 27th at 10.00 a.m., at the Homer Museum of Ancona, having as guests significant representatives of cultural diplomacy to the museums’ sector, to the academic, scientific and history’s sector, as well as to music’s sector.

After the welcome and the greetings on behalf of the Deputy Mayor of Ancona Mr. Pierpaolo Sediari, the following speakers are going to participate: Mr. Petros Kapsaskis, Founder and President of the HICD, Mr. Haris Koudounas, General Manager of HICD for Italy, Mr. Aldo Grassini, President of the State Homer’s Museum in Ancona of Italy, Mr. Gianfranco Iacobone, Vice President of the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts “Accademia Marchigiana”, Mr. Carlo Giacomini, Deputy General Manager of the State Archive of Ancona of Italy.

Coordinator is the journalist Mr. Maurizio Socci.

On this occasion, it is going to be presented for the first time the official replica of an older parchment which is kept in the State Archive of Ancona: the authentic Golden Bull by which the aid of Constantinople to the Community of Ancona was composed ; a Golden Bull which Abdronikos II Palaiologos , Byzantine Emperor, contributed to Ancona in 1308.

At the end of the presentation, the Youth of Orchestra of the district Marke of Italy, is going to accompany the participants, playing music of the 17th century.

The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, as the first and only body which expresses that idea in Greece, aims to develop activities which are related to aspects of Cultural Diplomacy.

The HICD aspires first of all to the study, analyzation, diffusion and exposure with every means, of all of the aspects of Cultural Diplomacy.

Particularly, these aims are served by the development of activities which are related to the creation and promotion of culture in Greece and abroad -especially to the Communities of Greeks around the world- by the provision of consulting services in matters of culture and ways by which it could be highlighted, as well as by the support of vulnerable groups in society.

For more information you could contact the HICD of Italy:

Kosmas Giavasis