The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy is a Greek scientific civil nonprofit company, which was founded in Athens on 25 March 2017 and is the first and only institution of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece. The Institute’s activities are being developed in collaboration with private and public government bodies, academic institutions and scientific institutes in Greece and abroad. Within a lifetime he has managed to establish 15 branches in Greece and abroad that develop autonomous and varied cultural activities, but with the general needs and directions of the Institute as they arise from the central administration of the organization in Athens. It has also signed 10 memoranda of understanding with organizations which have played a major role in the arts and literature in Greece such as “The News of Art”, the Institute of International Relations of Panteion University, the Economic Chamber of Greece, the Association of Doukissis Plakentias and many others. While it is remarkable that during this one year it has held about 30 events throughout Greece. Finally, it has established an electronic newspaper, officially opening for the first time in Greece the dialogue on Cultural Diplomacy.An area that Greece needs so much and which has not yet been sufficiently exploited by the state. At this point we should mention that 125 young scientists are currently working on this idea across Greece. Mr. Kapsaskis wish is to open job positions for the new scientists at a time when they are forced to leave abroad. But what makes this initiative admirable is that this effort is financed by mr. Kapsaskis himself until the necessary funds that will strengthen Hellenic Cultural Diplomacy are found.

But what is the need to establish such an institution at this time for the country? Mr. Kapsaskis replies: “The establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was dictated by the need to reconstitute Hellenic cultural diversity and to redefine ourselves in the world no longer in terms of reproduction but creation.” The main concern of the Institute is to highlight the values of culture, to promote cooperation and to build mutual trust with the ultimate goal of creating relations of emotional proximity with foreign people, which will go beyond the changes of governments. H.I.C.D wishes to play an important role in the spiritual life of our country, contributing to the upgrading of the image of the country abroad, the strengthening of new talented artists and the creation of a cultural structure capable of pushing the Greek citizen to feel the obligations he has not only to himself but to the society in which he lives. We also serve this request.

The means to achieve the objectives are seminars, art exhibitions, lectures, artistic events, publications, books and articles, the production of musical and theatrical productions, the institutionalization and others awarding prizes and scholarships for subjects strictly related to the purposes of the company and their promotion. The collaboration of the Institute with other Academic, intellectual or research centers. The organization of cultural exchange programs, as well as the co-operation with related organizations. The Board of Directors of HICD is composed by the PhD Candidate in Cultural Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Mr. Peter D. Kapsaskis (President), General of the Air Force Mr Dimitrios Vaxevanakis (Vice-President), the Professor of the Institute of International Relations Mr. Charalambos Papasotiriou (Vice-President), the music director Byron Fidetzis (Honorary Member), the financial director Mr. Nikos Bais (Treasurer) and the student in International Relations Mr. Dimitrios Nikas (Member).