Agora Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum

The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy aims to bring the key issues of Greek Identity to the public debate, this time giving young people the floor. Young people who think critically and are concerned. In this concept, the Institute is very pleased to announce the creation of the first Cultural Diplomacy Forum in Greece entitled «AGORA Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum».

The theme of the event is to introduce students and young people to the core of Cultural Diplomacy by examining its aspects in the frame of the use of social media. Through an interaction, young people will have the opportunity to express their views and shape the flow of the discussion within an ”AGORA” (public square/marketplace) .

  The forerunner of the previous venture is that the speech will move from the podium to the square, where participants will speak, for 1 minute placement on the subject, which will be introduced by the four-member panel. In this way it is designed for the listener not to be a passive recipient of information but an active interlocutor who would engage creatively in the dialogue.

The target audience ranges from 18 to 30 years of age, and is not excluded by anyone of any other age.