Abir Dammak

Mrs Abir is a Tunisian lady born in Sfax and raised in the Capital. She pursued undergraduate private law studies at the University of el Manar, out of passion of and deep interest in practicing judicial law making. She completed several trainings and vocational activities in diplomatic relations and conflict resolution with two of the high ranked foundations in the field of diplomacy: The International center of Arbitrage and diplomatic studies, and the Afro-Asian center for conflict resolution. She holds a PhD in political science, specializing in diplomatic relations and international conflict resolution, and today she is the international peace ambassador to the European Organization for Peace of the United Nations As a professor of Arabic language affiliated to the ministry of education in Tunisia, she has a teaching career of 9 years in public and private schools. Mrs Abir is also active in the civil society in her country, where she currently terminates her presidency mandate of 2 years, of the Tunisian Model of United Nations. During this period, she has realized a series of events and projects aimed at youth empowerment and civic engagement education. She uses her talent in analytical writing in Arabic to correspond with different magazines and newspapers in the MENA region mainly, in Morocco Iraq and Lebanon. Another way Ms Abir speaks out her ideas is theatre, also by writing script and senarios about humanitarian causes. For one of the pieces she considers valuable to her, she directed the play on several stages of cultural institutes in local communities. She is a big reader, as she is into history, politics and women leadership, she carefully choses books about these topics. . She speaks 4 languages, one of which is Arabic is her mother tongue.