Today, in Athens, on 20 November 2018, a memorandum of a two-year cooperation between the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (H.I.C.D) and Νew Generation Ziridis School was signed at the Ziridis School headquarters.

The agreement is based on the following axes:

  1. Co-operation for the implementation of the project “Students in the role of Cultural Attaché”.
  2. Creating a series of programs on “Leadership” and “Excellence”.
  3. Collaboration with HICD to promote students who are distinguished for their student performance.
  4. Concluding Agreements in educational and cultural level and fraternisation with foreign schools in countries where the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy has annexes.
  5. Creation of an institution of Cultural Exchange “ZIRIDIS”
  6. Treatment of possible learning, developmental and psychological difficulties of the students.
  7. Organization of theatrical and musical performances for children, with orchestrated tales with classical music and Greek context.
  8. Collaboration for the organization of discussions and meetings and all kinds of events, related to the purposes of the included parties with invited speakers from Greece and abroad.
  9. Exchange of views and information on issues of common interest, as well as cooperation in areas such as innovative teaching methods and the use of diplomatic means to promote and achieve cultural goals.