Anna Vasiliki Karapanagiotou

Anna Vasiliki Karapanagiotou is Dr. archaeologist, Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Arcadia (Ministry of Culture and Sports).

Born in Tripoli, Arcadia, she graduated from the American Pierce College. She studied History, Archeology and History of Art at the University of Athens, completed postgraduate studies at the University of Munich, and then received a postgraduate degree in Classical Archeology from the University of Athens.

In 2002 she received her Ph.D. from the University of Athens with high distinction. Her doctoral thesis was titled: The image of the woman in Athens of the late Hellenistic and imperial years. The evidence of the grave reliefs. Anna Karapanagiotou has received scholarships from international research institutions and has researched scientific libraries in London, Berlin and Oxford. She speaks English and French fluently and very good German.

Her activity in the field of archaeological research includes excavations in Naxos, Kos, Attica, Laconia, Arcadia, Messinia and Sybari in Southern Italy. She is currently  director of the Greek-American research program at Lykaion Mountain Arkadia. From 2010 onwards, Anna Karapanagiotou oversees, coordinates and implements a broad cultural heritage management and promotion program through European funding and private sponsorship.
Among other things, the enhnacment of the archaeological sites of Mantineia and Orchomenos are highlighted and the restoration of the ancient Megalopolis Theater in Arcadia, the construction of a protective shelter at Nestor’s Palace and the re-exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Pylos in Messinia.

As a visiting Professor at the University of Peloponnese she taught for a number of years the subjects of Classical Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management and continues her collaboration with the same University by delivering teaching lectures in the postgraduate department. Since 2017 she is an associated member  of the Laboratory of Knowledge and Uncertainty (University of Peloponnese).

Anna Karapanagiotou’s writing work includes – among others – three monographs: 1. Woman and social projection in Athens of the late Hellenistic and Imperial years. The evidence of the grave reliefs (2013), 2. Mantineia. Archaeological Guide (2015), 3. Archaeological Museum of Tegea. Guide (2017, Greek and English).

She has edited several scientific publications and has written more than 50 articles and contributions on the archeology and history of Arcadia, ancient Greek urban planning, sculpture of imperial times in Greece, ancient Greek theaters, museology and cultural educational policy. She has given many lectures to Greek, European and American academic institutions, following relevant invitations or as an official representative of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

In 2016, the project of the re-exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Tegea, coordinated by Anna Karapanagiotou, received a special honorary distinction by the European Museum Forum, which is under the auspices of the Council of Europe.